Arcade Photo is a collaborative photography business, between husband and wife power duo, Jimmy & Tara Arcade.

While Jimmy has had no formal training, he has always had a passion for photography. Learning through trial-and-error, online resources, and a local class or two, Jimmy has a firm understanding of the technical and practical aspects of photography. He combines his technical savvy with his unique artistic expression. He has also developed a passion and talent for post-processing and editing.

Tara studied Photography in a formal University setting. She began with a 35mm film SLR camera, where she developed and processed her own film. In addition to her extensive experience, she brings a unique perspective, passion, and creative eye to each photo shoot. She is great at working with families, kids, and animals, in helping them pose, look good, and feel good.


Arcade Photo offers high quality photography services. We specialize in family portraits and lifestyle shoots, while continually expanding our portfolio and range of diversity. We do not currently offer our services for weddings, but that could change someday.


While our expertise is in family portraits and lifestyle shoots, we are constantly challenging ourselves to grow and evolve. We are well versed in natural lighting, flash photography, and post-processing.


We currently reside in Costa Mesa, California and are available for local projects, as well as commissioned travel work.